IMAGINE will help you to get distracted from any kind of activity, reboot your mind and quickly relax without meditation, which is also helpful, but not everyone has enough time to meditate regularly. IMAGINE is a quiet, safe and peaceful place, where you can distract from a stressful world and spend some time with yourself.

In the world, full of stress and routine, self-care is a must-do thing, and we want to help you with it. No matter if you use your hands or your head, sometimes you just need to distract yourself. IMAGINE will help you to reboot and release stress. Construct oddly satisfying mechanisms whilst listening to the relaxation music and ASMR sounds, explore peaceful worlds and let us take care of you.

High level of stress, workaholism and working without any breaks could lead to mental health problems, anxiety, panic attacks, dissociation etc. Do not neglect self care, open your mind and see how your mood changes.

IMAGINE features:
– Antistress app which will help you to distract yourself and reboot your mind
– Quick relaxation without meditation: have a rest and take care of yourself
– Calm gameplay without any stress-factors
– Satisfying ASMR sounds and relaxation music

When to use IMAGINE?
– Lack of productivity or imagination
– Routine work or any kind of activity
– High level of stress
– Coping with difficult emotions
– Tired of working remotely and endless calls without real social interactions
– Unable to go on vacation somewhere but want to have a rest

IMAGINE can help you to:
– Relieve stress
– Take your emotions under control
– Reboot your mind
– Activate your imagination
– Just take a break

Using IMAGINE every day, you will:
– Get used to take care of yourself
– Learn how your emotions work
– Reduce the amount of stress in your life
– Improve your productivity in work or any kind of creation

Stress is the disease of the 21st century. Stress is often being underestimated, people being told "just distract" or "you can't be tired, you just work in a comfortable office". We care about you and your mental health, so we made a new tool for quick and effective self-care. Calm your mind and release stress, while building oddly satisfying construction. Not in the mood to build anything? Just choose your favorite mechanism from the gallery and enjoy watching it to the relaxation music. Whole worlds full of calm and relaxation are waiting for you. Relaxation can be quick and easy with IMAGINE.


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