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- Easy scrolling in landscape view.
- Check current time from inside app.
- Auto scroll to current surah while opening mushaf index.
- Compatibility for app font size with system font size.
- More accurate ayah marker positions.
- Updated content.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

“Surah” is one of the initiatives by Tafsir Center for Qur’anic Studies. It is a digital version of the Mus’haf, with multiple interfaces, and ease of use, with quality features and services.

“Surah” gives you an exceptional experience through quality services at the level of the: (Word, Ayah, Page, Surah), some of which are offered for the first time at the level of Qur'anic applications.

Ease of selection of the (word, Ayah, page and Surah) in order to access reliable and trusted scientific features for each one of them.

The Mus’haf page appears in high definition and clarity, and a full screen investment.

Helps to understand the meanings of The Noble Qur’an through a set of scientific content services that are audited and trusted, under the supervision of the Tafsir Center for Qur’anic Studies team, in explaining unfamiliar Qur’anic terms, interpretation (Tafseer), Revelation causes and circumstances, the virtues of surahs and Ayahs, the number of Ayahs in each Surah, translations in multiple languages, in addition to other features.

Audited and trusted scientific content, supervised by the Tafsir Center for Qur'anic Studies team.

Ease of browsing, navigation and access to features and services.

Audio recordings of Quran recitations by distinguished reciters, with multiple options to control the recitations.

Several options for word searches, which can be either typed- or voice-searches.

The ability to place bookmarks, and make in-App notes.

Multiple “Qura'nic Plans” for the completion of recitation, with reminders, and achievement follow-ups.

The ability to share Ayahs in the form of an image or text, with or without diacritics (Tashkeel).

The ability to self-test memorization through the “Memorization-Self-Test” feature.


Linked to a special website that displays all the App features and services on the web, through the website, so that the user may access these features across different devices.


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