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Survivor, welcome to Zombie King!
In order to give you a better gaming experience, we have made several updates in this version, please make sure you are the latest version.
Invite friends to join Zombie King and get free rewards. You can also meet more survivors on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Come and attack zombies to get gold coins and supplies, and build more shelters.
We take your suggestions very seriously, please leave a comment below!

Unrivaled Doom – Zombie War Game is here!
Thrill, courage, survival, supplies, sneak attack, protection, pets, each time has a different adventure experience

Build your own home on zombie turf with a unique fighting dog!
What? You don't know how to grow fast? Hope the experience below will help you!

1. Get more supplies
Spin slot machines, earn coins, and build homes!
Every time you successfully build a home, more zombies will be driven out!
The more homes you have, the stronger you are!

2. Perfect sneak attack
The rewards of slot machines are always so attractive, and when you trigger a sneak attack, it means you can get more treasures.
Maybe a sneak attack on a friend's house, but that's a lot of fun

3. Treasure Warehouse
There are many hidden treasures in the game – cards, each card is given a different meaning
Although they are inconspicuous, when they are assembled together, they become a pile of incredible treasures!
Really unexpected surprises, looking forward to having them!

4. Different weapons
Here, there are the latest weapons that you have never seen before!
Pirates – helicopters, strafing the land of zombies and taking their gold, it's a great feeling!
Guardian – Radar, fend off invaders! Protecting the homeland is its glorious mission!
Raider – Turret, makes you stronger when attacking zombies, because every warrior loves it so much!

Seeing this, I believe that your blood is boiling, your heart is full of expectations and desires, don't wait, don't hesitate, your fighting dog is waiting for you!


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